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Congratulate Gold to Obtain the Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificates

Source:Hang Zhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.       Post time:2014-05-15      Views:574

Congratulate Hangzhou Gold Electronic to obtain the following computer software copyright registration certificate:

1.Gold new energy storage lithium battery monitoring system software [Abbreviation: ESMU-LI] V1.0


2.Gold new energy storage lead-acid battery monitoring system software [Abbreviation: ESMU-QS] V1.0


3.Gold new energy supercapacitor monitoring system software [Abbreviation:ESMU-DR] V1.0


4.Gold new energy storage lead-acid battery management module software [Abbreviation: ESBMM-QS] V1.0


5.Gold new energy supercapacitor management module software [Abbreviation:ESCMM] V1.0


6.Gold new energy storage power station battery management module software [Abbreviation: ESGU] V1.0


7.Gold new energy storage lithium battery management module software[Abbreviation: ESBMM-LI] V1.0


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