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Three Types of New Energy Vehicles Will Be Exempt From Purchase Tax

Source:Hang Zhou Gold Electronic Equipment Co. Ltd.       Post time:2014-07-10      Views:686

Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting in July 9th ,arranged to speed up the development of modern insurance services, decide to exempt from the new energy automotive vehicle purchase tax, around the promotion of decentralization, decided by the related law draft amendment and the administration regulations revision .

The meeting emphasized that develop new energy vehicles is an important measure for energy strategic transformation and promoting the ecological civilization construction in china.Supporting the new energy vehical development of strategic emerging industries have great significance for innovation driven ,promoting energy conservation and pollution control,stimulating domestic demand,cultivating new growth points, achieving industrial development and environmental protection "win-win"

The meeting decided that from September 1, 2014 to the end of 2017, the pure electric vehicle allowed to sell in domestic (including imports) and the plug-in (including the incremental )hybrid vehicle ,hybrid fuel cell three types of new energy vehicles that meet the requirement, exempt from the vehicle purchase tax.The relevant departments should pay close attention to formulate and promulgate vehicles model list. Let more people choose green travel , add to the energy for sustainable development.

Insider analysed that exemption from tax not only make the new energy vehicle price competitiveness has been further enhanced, but also showed the attitude of China vigorously developing the new energy vehicle , help to pispel the consumers disgivings about buying new energy vehicle, promote the automobile manufacturers increase investment in research and development of new type.

Downstream manufacturers or greet explosive type grows, this brought new opportunity for power battery management system.The Automobile Association secretary-general Dong Yang said in 9, the resason of the new energy vehicle developing rapidly is the whole society  improving the attation to the new energy vehicle, at the same time, the relative support policies from government will be published."Previously,vice premier of the State Council Ma Kai have had two research and development about the new energy vehicle industry.State Council will publish complete sets of equipment to support the new energy vehicle.It is expected that,the new energy vehicle will develop rapidly in the future ."

Gold electronic has always been committed to the research and development of the electric vehicle battery management system ,the power lithium battery management system used in electric vehicle adopting a unique two-way energy transfer equalization technology,impove the equalization efficiency ,smaller volume, better effect, can effectively prolong the service life of the battery at the same equilibrium current situation. For the battery SOC calculation ,Gold electronic using the patented technology, makes the SOC calculation more accurate .

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