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Huge of Battery Management System Potential Market

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Lithium battery exist in the form of cell battery when applied in small consumer electronic products,but the application in the electric bicycle, electric motorcycle, HEV, PHEV, BEV should charge in form of battery packs with the increasing of the required capacity, lithium battery . The performance difference between cell lithium battery decide it needing battery management system to have charge and discharge management, monitoring and protection when it as power and energy storage battery,in order to avoid the single battery occur damage, affecting the whole performance of batteries.

Therefore, with the rapid expansion of power battery and storage battery market, BMS demand will rapidly expand, its growth rate will be same with lithium battery growth. At present BMS has entered the stage of practical application, but the research is not mature enough, the performance is not ideal. The preliminary market demand has been opened, we think that the development of BMS will follow the abreast mode of "perfect technology " and "commercial" . The promotion of lithium battery and BMS, is one of the most core  problems in the development of electric vehicles to break through the bottleneck,it will directly determine the spread speed of new energy vehicles .

According to the speed development of the domestic market, it is expected in 2020 PHEV/EV will reach 10000000 of the quantity in total, lithium battery energy storage power plant add up 24GW , to estimate the annual additional market in this condition; In addition, with the application expansion, assuming BMS prices will fall by half in the current basis. The final calculation of available BMS market demand will be in the 2020 to 36000000000 yuan, 160 times of the current market capacity, the average annual growth rate of 67%.

Gold electronic has always been committed to the research and development of the electric vehicle battery management system ,the power lithium battery management system used in electric vehicle adopting a unique two-way energy transfer equalization technology,impove the equalization efficiency ,smaller volume, better effect, can effectively prolong the service life of the battery at the same equilibrium current situation. For the battery SOC calculation ,Gold electronic using the patented technology, makes the SOC calculation more accurate .

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