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Method and Principle of Battery Repair

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In daily use, we usually use the battery discharge function ,take the charging stage as the battery maintenance. Lead-acid battery can keep the chemicals activity when the cell has enough electricity, but after the battery discharge power, if not timely charge enough electricity, active substances in the cell will soon lose activity, leading the irreversible chemical reaction in the battery . So both the lead-acid battery and electric vehicle battery for other purposes, general manufacturers will demand users to preserve sufficient battery power , and regularly supply battery power .

The battery maintenance and repair is the problems frequently encountered in electric vehicle battery repair ,whether the battery can be repaired also is one of the user concerned, after several years practice, people basically affirmed the positive significance of battery repair, the users can reduce expend, reduce the battery use-cost, secondly provide repair to prolong battery life can reduce battery consumption, save resources, reduce pollution.

Prolong the battery life is a major subject that people study, in the long-term practice, people use a lot of ways to eliminate the battery plate vulcanization , summed up in the following:

A. water treatment

B. shallow circulating charging method

C. adding activator

D. pulse repair

Battery repair refer to maintain the performance degradation or failure batteries by the physical or chemical means .Through the repair can restore the  battery capacity, prolonging the service life of the battery, improve the battery performance .Practice proves that any method combined with pulsed mode will help improve the repair effect.

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